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Exterior Detailing Packages

Exterior Detailing

In Keshena, the dirt and dust will take a toll on your car’s paint, rubber seals, interior, and suspension. Getting a mobile car wash in Keshena is a crucial maintenance factor. Keeping your car clean at all times is not easy, especially if you do it yourself. It takes time, it requires you to buy car cleaning products and it requires a decent amount of knowledge too. An alternative option is to take your to the automatic car wash. These tend to get the job done fast but they are also known for being un-accurate and the risk of scratching up your car’s paint job is high. Over time they will leave you with a swirling paint job and you’re still left with cleaning and detailing the inside….ugh!

Let our mobile car wash and detailing services come to you. We will hand wash, hand dry, and detail your car with our mobile services. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Exterior Packages


Two bucket hand wash
Hand wash wheels and tires
Decontaminate paint to remove minor bugs/tar/grime
Apply no-sling tire dressing

We Work With You On Your Vehicle

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